New Wines Coming Soon!

What makes us different at Great Wine Online? We are wine trade professionals with many years' experience (more than we care to count!) sourcing wines from small, independent producers. We have access to wines that will never find their way into a supermarket or large multiple retailer. Why? Because these small, family-owned estates do not have the capacity to satisfy the volumes required by large nationals.

We are not claiming that you will not see these wines anywhere else, but you are much more likely to come across them on the wine list of a trendy restaurant than on the aisle end of a supermarket. Quirky? Yes. Different? Absolutely. But once you have tasted these delicious gems you just won't be able to go back to their mass-produced counterparts.

So we have spent the last few months searching out the best examples to offer to customers of Great Wine Online. We plan to launch the new range in early November - in plenty of time for Christmas (sorry to mention the C-word!). We will keep you posted as to our progress, but it's looking good so far...

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