Prosecco Superiore Brut Valdobbiadene, San Giovanni

Country : Italy

Grape Variety : Glera

A very classy Prosecco from the superior Valdobbiadene area. Fresh, crisp and well balanced, and drier and more sophisticated in style than some more commercial offerings. A great glass of fizz.

Tasting Note : Light floral and fresh apple fruit on the nose. On the palate the wine is crisp and clean, with refreshing green fruits and a lively finish.

Food Pairing : A perfect aperitif and great for parties; otherwise pair with shellfish or antipasti.

More info : Prosecco has gone stellar in the past few years, and there are a great variety of styles and prices on the market. Produced from the Glera grape grown in North East Italy, Prosecco is popular due to its generally easy-drinking style and accessible price point. This example from a small, family-owned producer in the heart of the area represents all that is good about the wine. Labelled 'Brut' rather than 'Extra Dry' (which, confusingly, is not very dry), this is an elegant, drier style, perfect for any occasion.

Winery : In the late 1800s three brothers from the Perini family bought vineyard land in the superior Conegliani and Valdobbiadene areas in Treviso, North East Italy. The Perini family still own the estate today, and having added to the vineyard holding, have been pioneers in introducing the most up-do-date, modern equipment to this area. The grapes for their wines are hand harvested from steep south-facing slopes before being gently crushed and fermented with natural yeasts, bringing character and finesse to their products.