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A Taste of Canada: wines to savour

We are trying some rare gems from one of Canada’s most renowned wine producers. This tasting experience will allow up to 6 people to try 3 wines (with more left over) and the cheese and charcuterie we have chosen to complement.

Come and meet Paul Speck, the 6th generation winemaker from Henry of Pelham in the Niagara wine region of Canada.

Probably the best known Canadian wine is icewine, but Canada offers so much more and is gaining great plaudits for other wines. We recently tried Paul’s  Henry of Pelham Baco Noir – and were blown away by it, as were many of our customers! So we thought we should investigate further. We will be joined this week by Paul Speck live from Henry of Pelham in the Niagara wine region – yes, there is more to Niagara than a waterfall!

Paul’s parents named the winery Henry of Pelham after his great-great-great grandpa’s son, Henry, who had a pretty dry sense of humour, nicknaming himself “Henry of Pelham” after a British Prime Minister.

Henry was quite the entrepreneur, building an inn and tavern and operating a toll road. He raised sheep. And grew grapes—some of the first to be planted in Canada.

In 1984, Paul’s parents replaced Henry’s concord and Niagara grapevines with old world vinifera grapes. At this time, the Niagara wine scene hardly existed but as we will see tonight, the Speck family make fantastic premium wines from their own grapes.

The tasting case contains 3 wines plus we will also include a selection of cheeses to complement the wine and some charcuterie too, to excite your palate. This tasting case will be sufficient for up to 6 people to enjoy the tasting experience this evening.

Listen to Paul talking about his winery and one of the wines we will taste tonight

Invite up to 6 friends to come and enjoy our Canadian Tasting experience for only £120 (including access to the live hosted tasting on Zoom, all the wines, cheeses and charcuterie selection)

Event Details

Event details are as follows:


30 Sep 2021


7:00 pm

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