Champagne Master Class: Methode Traditionelle

We are joined tonight by Andrew Steel who started his wine career in the Champagne region and followed it up by being the Bollinger representative here in the UK. Our other guests include Graham, who runs the family business, Woodchurch Winery, celebrating 10 years this year of producing award winning English Sparkling wine, and Laurent Autréau, the 3rd generation wine maker at Autréau. 

What is Methode Traditionelle and why does it differ from other sparkling wine production methods?

  • What is Method Traditionelle (née Methode Champenoise)?
  • Why does it differ from other sparkling wine production?
  • Which is better?
  • Vintage or Non Vintage?
  • What makes a Blanc de Blancs differ from a Cuvée?

We answer the questions that you may have (and the ones you wish to ask) of the 2 wine makers.

Steve The Cheese Parker will be bringing his inimitable whit and advice about food to eat with bubbles…as he says ” everything is better with bubbles”

Join us for a Thursday of Fizz. 

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03 Sep 2020


7:00 pm