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Off the Beaten Track : An Adventure in Wine

Fancy something a bit different?

We travel (virtually) to Lebanon, Hungary, Georgia, Slovenia, Canada and Romania to find some wines that will really match up to the more established wine regions.

These countries have been producing wine, in some cases, longer than the so called “Old World” and “New World” countries -in fact there is a belief that the first wine root stock originated in Georgia (that is Georgia in Eastern Europe, not the US state) over 8,000 years ago.

Join us to explore some of these lesser known wine regions. The tasting case, which you can order ahead of time, contains excellent wines from these countries as examples of the quality and variation offered.

We will talking about these wines, and their origins as we taste them along with you. We expect to surprise and delight you!

Mark this date in your diary. Your tasting case can be ordered here

The event is finished.