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Lost in France

exploring the lesser known wine regions in La Belle France

Travelling through the lesser known wine regions of France

We all know the main wine regions of Bordeaux, Champagne, Burgundy. the Loire Valley and Alsace.  But what about Corsica, Jura, Fitou…well, we shall get lost in France tonight with some fabulous wines from these regions and more.

Come and get Lost in France with us

Join us as we travel to new and different corners of France

Tonight we will try a selection of these wines from the tasting cases:

Roussette de Savoie, Cru Frangy: The flavours are reminiscent of pear, gingerbread, spice and honey with a touch of nougat and the mouthfeel is soft, mellow and off dry

Marcillac ‘Lo Sang del Pais’: Supple fruit-driven with juicy raspberry flavours underpinned by slate and gravel notes and the sanguine bite that confirms its name as “the blood of the country”

Vin de Corse, Clos Colombu Blanc Typically aromatic combining notes of citrus, fresh grass, herbs, and almonds with a crisp and acidic framework

Madiran, Constance: A pugnacious vin de terroir, a rustic tangle of humus and farmyard aromas, flavours of dark cherries, figs and pepper

Jurancon Sec, Clos Lapeyre: Aromatic intensity is achieved by picking late and using the lees to obtain colour and extract. This delightful number dances a brisk, citric tango on the palate

Domaine de Rouden: The wine is bright and purple with blueish tints, with a fine complex nose of confit fruits, red and black berries suffused with peppery spices and notes of bay and clove.

Join us as we find delicious wines from secret corners of France

Come and join us as we get lost in France and explore the lesser known wine regions

Event details are as follows:


15 Jul 2021


7:00 pm

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