Having a BBQ this weekend. Friends coming over?

So what wines are good to have with BBQ food?

Out comes the BBQ grill along with the case of red wine…BUT…be a little adventurous!  A good white wine served with a platter of grilled seafood, pork, or chicken, is a refreshing change!

Look for full-bodied, complex whites which are best as they can cope with the stronger flavours that the grill gives to the meat: Pinot Gris or Viognier such as the Villa Wolf Pinot Gris which is a particular favourite, or Saint- Peyre Viognier.

Complement a platter of grilled vegetables with a grassy Sauvignon Blanc. Be a little adventurous and choose one from Chile : Tectonia from Bodegas Volcanes

Light red wines are a natural with grilled meats as the fruit and oaky flavours (and tannins – that stewed tea taste you get on your tongue) can stand up to the grill flavours. A more medium bodies rose can be a great alternative to red when serving lamb but if grilling or BBQing lamb steaks or on the bone, we would suggest a Rioja or Pinot Noir. 

Rioja: The favourite for grilled meats. Spain is the home of the grilled meat summer BBQs (yes, really) and their most famous red is a perfect partner with lamb and pork!

A hearty red would seem the best match for grilled sausages or steak.  A soft, juicy red: Malbec with its fruity juiciness with grilled meat (especially steak)

Or if you would like us to choose for you, we have 2 cases that Steve The Cheese, our food pairing guy, has put together with a great selection to get you started

Having a BBQ this weekend. Friends coming over?
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Having a BBQ this weekend. Friends coming over?
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