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Dessert Wine

Often called Pudding wines, or Stickies, dessert wines come in many different styles:  sweet and honeyed, fresh and floral, or just like rich Christmas pudding in a bottle.

Pudding wines are most often served with pudding (the clue is in the name), but as an accompaniment to cheese, as an apero before dinner, or even as the base of a cocktail;  they are suited to so many occassions. .

The best sweet wines are created from very ripe grapes, harvested late (in March/April in the southern hemisphere/ October and November in the Northern).  You may have heard of ‘Noble Rot’ which is a fungus makes the skin of the grape and concentrates the natural sugars. Wines such as Sauternes are produced from grapes with Noble Rot.

In other styles suh as Eiswein (Ice wine), the grapes are left to freeze on the vine.

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