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Cheese Tasting Selection: Bodegas Franco Espanoles


Our Bodegas Franco Espanoles Tasting case of 6 bottles is ideal with this Cheese Wine Pairing case , and to enjoy these excellent wines to best advantage, why not buy our Cheese Pairing Pack.
The cheeses represent some of the best cheeses available from Spain and are supplied through Teddington Cheese direct to your door.
Each cheese will be approximately 250g giving a total of 750g – sufficient cheese for 6 – 8 people as a cheese board.

For Steve’s tips on storing and serving cheese, see his Blog


Price of £30 includes delivery.
A traditional firm goat’s cheese from Catalonia, made from the milk of Murciana goats and cave aged to develop a complex flavour profile.

Nutty, herbal, woody aroma and flavour with a milky delicate taste without any of the flavours normally associated with goat’s cheeses.

The famous cheese from the island of Minorca, made from cow’s milk and rubbed with olive oil and paprika to give its distinctive orange coloured rind.
Firm texture with buttery, nutty, salty flavours.
A hard cheese made from the milk of Latxa and Carranza sheep in the Basque region.
Nutty, smoky, sweet flavours make this a perfect cheese for full bodied smooth red wines.

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