Prime Movers Virtual Wine Tasting Case Argentina

£95.95 £82.99

Tasting case fronm the Gauchezco Winery Argentina

Contains 2 bottles of each of the following wines:

Extra Brut Sparkling Pinot Noir

Gauchezco Estate Torrontes (white)

Gauchezco Estate Malbec (red)


Winery : The roots of Gauchezco begin in our historic and legendary vineyard, founded in 1881 by the Governor of Mendoza Tiburicio Benegas in Barrancas – Maipú. It was on this site that the first premium quality grapes were planted in Argentina. The average age of our old vines is 90 years old with some blocks being more than 100 years old.

Gauchezco symbolises the true essence of the traditional gaucho culture from Argentina. Our production is focused on the princple regions of Argentina : Maipú and the Uco Valley in Mendoza Province and Cafayate in Salta Province.

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