South Africa Selection: Vondeling



Vondeling winery is in South Africa in Voor-Paardeberg; a Western Cape wine region that has all the charm of an undiscovered country landscape, yet is easily accessible, approximately 45 minutes’ drive from Cape Town, near the Paardeberg Mountain.

The first vintage of Vondeling wines made from their own grapes was in 2005. There are now approximately 100 hectares of vineyard, mostly planted to Mediterranean varietals. Most are planted in granitic soils and on cooler south west facing slopes.

This tasting case includes 1 bottle of each of the following wines from this fabulous South African Winery, Vondeling:

Petit Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc
Chardonnay Barrel Selection
Petit Rouge
Baldrick Shiraz
Signal Cannon Merlot

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