Hopler Blaufrankisch, Burgenland, Case of 6 bottles

Country : Austria

Grape Variety : Blaufrankisch

Case of 6 bottles 

A smooth and velvety-textured red from the Hopler winery in Burgenland, bursting with succulent black fruits and spice. Never tasted Blaufrankisch? - here's your chance!

Tasting Note : Dark red in colour with smokey notes on the nose. The palate is soft and velvety, medium bodied, with smooth dark fruit flavours wrapped in layers of warm spice.

Food Pairing : Match with roast beef, tomato-based pasta or pork schnitzel.

More info : Blaufrankisch is not a grape variety you see every day! This is an Austrian and Central European grape which produces wines not dissimilar to Gamay in style. This early-budding, late-ripening variety thrives in the warm, hilly area of Burgenland. The proximity of Lake Neusiedl to the vineyards creates a perfect microclimate, retaining the warmth of the sun and reflecting it back onto the vines as the grapes ripen. If you are looking for a red that is a bit different, delivers above its price point and will impress your guests, this is a great choice.

Winery : Still family-owned and run, this dynamic estate is constantly striving to produce wines that reflect their unique terroir in Burgenland. When you think of Austria, Alpine peaks and ski slopes tend to come to mind, but this area close to the border with Hungary is characterised by rolling hills, and benefits from the moderating influence of the nearby Lake Neusiedl.

The Hopler family moved their operation to a brand new, ultra-modern facility in 2004 to facilitate production from their 50 hectares of vineyards. Their philosophy is to let the wines mature at their own pace and in their own way to develop harmony, character and their own identity. The family are passionate about their products and this is expressed in the purity and authenticity of their wines.