Mooiplaas, The Lemongrass, Sauvignon Blanc/Chenin, Stellenbosch

Wine Description:

This wine lives up to its name- a vibrant and pronounced gooseberry and lemongrass flavour with a crisp mouth watering acidity and fresh dry finish - delicious!

The Lemongrass is an elegant and aromatic white wine with complex layers of fresh lemongrass and hints of tropical fruit that captivate the essences and fresh flavours of exotic summer destinations. This well-balanced wine produced in the heart of Stellenbosch is best enjoyed in a relaxed setting with lunch, sundowners or dinner.

Pairs quite nicely with Salads, seafood, grilled fish or chicken, tomato based pasta and pizza.

The Mooiplass wine estate and private nature reserve boasts a pristine natural beauty. Owned by the Roos family the vineyards lie on steep sloes of ancient mineral rich soils in the Bottelary Hills of Stellenbosch. They produce wines using traditional methods with well thought out and cleverly drawn out flavoru features to match the name and the packaging!

Whilst the estate produce excellent wines using traditional techniques, they also produce űber-modern wines.  The Collection Series is a consumer friendly range that combines innovative packaging (that has terrific shelf stand-out), with modern winemaking techniques.  The wines themselves are well thought out and cleverly draw out the key flavour profiles of each wine, to match the name of each wine and the packaging.