Valpolicella Classico Superiore 'Campolieti', Luigi Righetti, Case of 6 bottles

Country : Italy

Grape Varieties : Corvina; Rondinella; Molinari.

Case of 6 bottles 

A high-end Valpolicella from a family-owned estate, produced in the Ripasso method. Juicy, ripe cherry fruit, velvety mouthfeel, hints of dried fruits and spice. A really delicious glass of red!

Tasting Note : The nose shows ripe red fruits reminiscent of cherries and strawberries. The palate is smooth, packed with flavours of lively cherry and cranberry, smokey dried fruits with savoury nuances, and hints of spice.

Food Pairing : Pasta with tomato-based sauces; pizza (a decent one); antipasti; meatballs.

More info : Called 'Campolieti' (literally 'happy fields') this wine brings joy to all who drink it! A far cry from the light, bland Valpolicellas that are sadly all too common, this is a really delicious mouthful produced in the Ripasso method. This means that after the first fermentation the wine is re-fermented on the skins of the dried grapes from the Amarone wines. This brings added depth of flavour and structure and makes for an altogether more serious glass of wine. Produced in the area around Verona from the local Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes, this wine has a character all of its own.

Winery : The Righetti family have been producing wine since Angelo Righetti established the estate in 1909. Current winemaker, Gian Maria Righetti, is the fourth generation to run the estate, and has focussed on developing a range with international appeal, including the introduction of single vineyard wines. Having said this, the family are fiercely proud of their heritage, and still preserve their long-established viticultural practices. A prefect combination of innovation with tradition.