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Champagne Autréau de Champillon

Since 1670, the Autréau’s family perpetuated on the heights of Champillon a subtle alliance of tradition and modernity.

Champagne is eternal, it is passed on year after year, generation after generation in a perpetual quest for excellence.

Generation Champagne is also a tribute to all those who love like you to celebrate together the great moments of the life

Generation Champagne is here and now Autréau de Champillon.

In 1953 Gérard Autréau decided to start in the champagne wine production with at the time, 3 hectares of vineyards. In 1980, Eric Autréau joined the family business as soon the end of his schooling with higher Diploma in viticulture and oenology.

At this time, the winery has a total of approximately 15 hectares of vineyards with an annual production of 150 000 bottles which allowed the first exports to Europe.

in 2014, the 3rd generation, Laurent Autréau, joined the business and he wishes to continue the production of high quality champagnes to develop the brand Autréau de Champillon around the world.

Now they have approximately 35 hectares of vineyards on 5 different terroirs in Premier Cru and Grand Cru which allows great diversity in  the range of champagnes. The Vineyards are located on the following villages : Champillon, Dizy and Hautvillers (Premiers Crus) and Chouilly and Aÿ (Grands Crus).

Now 3 generations ensure the continuity of champagne Autréau de Champillon through a subtle alliance of tradition and modernity !

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