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Wonderful review written by our customer, Alexa

We had a brilliant “In, In” date night last night thanks to Great Wine Online www.greatwineonline.co.uk a small wine business based here in Buckinghamshire (as you know we are keen on supporting small businesses atm).

Our date night was a virtual Tuscan wine tasting with cheese and salami pairing. The third generation of the winery (Il Palazzo) spoke to us from their family home and vineyard about their award winning wines (Vermentino, Chianti Riserva, Moro Rosso) that haven’t been available in the U.K. until last night. It felt very exclusive and intimate.

Steve “The Cheese” told us about how he selected each Italian cheese to compliment the wines and how each one balanced each wine beautiful. He used to have a shop based in Teddington.

Barry from The Hampshire Salami Company who’s slogan is “Curing Hampshire one pig at a time” told us about how he was given a cookery book by a friend that had a section on salami that lead to a passion for learning about salami and travelling around Italy to learn even more. He makes all the salami himself from his home reared pigs.

It was so nice seeing other people enjoying the experience as much as us. It was a fantastic date night and I recommend it as a gift or a treat to anyone you know who likes wine and food. It was special experience and from the comfort of our own home.

Daniel (Alexa’s husband) enjoyed it so much that he is hoping that his work are going to do another virtual tasting and pairing via Great Wine Online for his work’s Christmas party.

Penny Heyes thank you for being such a great host and allowing us to have a taste of our old life. Dan and I have decided that when we retire we are going to travel around the world staying in beautiful vineyards like Il Palazzo and experience the world through award winning wine.

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