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Corporate Gifts

Who isn’t delighted when they receive an unexpected gift, especially if it’s a bottle of wine or fizz? There’s no better way to thank a customer for their loyalty or reward staff for their efforts.

Here at GreatWineOnline we offer a bespoke gift service, just email or phone us to discuss your requirements. Give us your budget, an outline of what you are looking for – whether it’s a delicious six-pack of individually-selected wines, a single bottle of Champagne or anything in between – and we will organise it all on your behalf. Or browse through our Christmas case selection to choose from of our ready-made cases.

Want a special message included? No problem, just tell us what you want to say and we will enclose a card. Delivery can be arranged direct to the recipient or to your place of work, just send us your instructions.

We look forward to helping you!

Virtual Wine Tastings: client hospitality or team building

Photo courtesy of Chris Histed, a GWO taster

GreatWineOnline runs regular online tasting events (via the internet), as a team building exercise and/or for client hospitality.  They are great fun and ideal during the times we cannot get together or are all working remotely.

How does it work?  a tasting case of wine will be prepared for pre purchase, at an agreed price.  Team Members (or the clients) place the order before hand and the case will be despatched by GWO via courier to their home addresses.

These tasting cases will contain wines from the boutique wineries with which GWO works and whose wines we import.   We propose that in any one evening we taste 3 wines.  During the Covid 19 lockdown we have restricted the tasting to 3 wines only as most customers are either on their own at home or with one other person.  Post lockdown, when people can meet in larger groups, we can consider a 4 -6 wine tasting.   (All wines are of a quality that they can be left open for several days post the tasting and do not have to be consumed immediately!)

Prior to the appointed date and time, GWO will send log in details for the video conference call and a link directly to the order page on the GWO website for the tasting case required for that specific event.

On the evening of the event, all members will log in and be admitted to the internet conference room where the team leader will welcome them, then a director of GWO will outline the event and introduce the relevant wine maker.  A discussion will follow, taking approximately 50 minutes, during which the winemaker and representative of GWO will talk through a guided tasting of the wines.

During this session all members will be invited to ask questions via the Zoom chat function and these will be answered as we proceed through the event, or at the end.

The Client team leader will then bring the event to a close.

GWO’s renowned food and wine pairing guru, Steve Parker, runs a number of fun evenings using wine and food to bring people together:

TESTIMONIALS from Corporate clients and from Event Planner and Concierge Partners

  • Thank you so much for the demo yesterday.  We thoroughly enjoyed the session.  The wine and cheese selection were excellent and far exceeded my expectation.  
    I will definitely be recommending the session to our clients: TH – event planner
  • Thank you so munch for such a wonderful wine tasting last night! You really spoilt us J : EM  Concierge Service   
  • Just want to say a big thanks for last night. Was a really enjoyable showcase and gave some great insight into the business. Cheeses and wines were amazing!:  SM  – Event planner
  • We need you 3 at every diner party please:   H, event planner
  • Lovely eve! Thank you so much. Everything was delicious:  AV – Experience Organiser
  • Thank you so much : CR Event Planner
  • Thank you that was lovely!!!  and informative: CH – event planner
  • Amazing THANK YOU SO MUCH!:  TH event planner
  • A massive thank you for including me on your tasting last night. What great fun that was? I almost felt like I had gone out on a date!    MH- event planner
  • I would like to thank you for last night. We both really enjoyed it, both the performance and the selection of wines and cheeses were fantastic. CJ – event planner
  • Thank you and Steve & co for a great show case last night.  Top quality produce and very informative and very well run: CR – event planner

Passport to Taste

GWO’s renowned food and wine pairing guru, Steve Parker, runs a number of fun evenings using wine and food to bring people together:

Passport to Taste is an innovative, stimulating and challenging tasting activity designed to entertain and educate your clients or colleagues. Exploring food and drink from all around the world makes this challenge hugely popular with international or multi-cultural teams.

It can be run as a stand alone event or as part of your larger corporate event or conference.

Following the welcome and briefing, teams are issued with ‘passports’ and invited to visit a number of ‘countries’ arranged around the venue. At every ‘country’ there is a food and drink pairing from that country which needs to be identified from the options in the passport before moving onto the next ‘country’.

After all the countries have been visited and passports completed, we give the answers which allows the audience to learn from their experience. Passport to Taste is designed to run for two hours, but can be tailored to your individual event requirements.

Alternative formats include:

Perfect Pairings: our host introduces a number of matched pairings of your chosen food and drinks.

Every pairing is introduced along with their history, production, legends and anecdotes.

Taste and Bluff is run as a sit-down event with teams given a cheese and a wine to enjoy for every round and they are invited to identify which of the three they are given is correct

The activity can also be adapted to include other food and drink options such as charcuterie, chocolate, whisky or gin.

B2B / Events

Are you planning an event such as a party or a wedding and you want to offer your guests something special? Are you running a corporate hospitality event?

We can help!

We offer a range of wines, champagnes and sparkling wines that will suit any budget and really overdeliver on price.

Even with corkage rates we can offer a much better quality wine for your budget than you are likely to get on a venue’s banqueting list. Just ask and we will produce a bespoke quotation, with discounts available for large quantities.

For more information please get in touch via our ‘contact us’ page or email us on and we can discuss your needs and design a package that is right for you and your event.

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