Christmas Sparkle: Champagne master class

"In a perfect world, everyone would have a glass of Champagne every evening" Tonight we will taste several.

Last week we looked at Port and which to drink with which foods

This week we taste a number of different Champagne and Sparkling wines , discussing the merits of different vintages, the toasty ones or the fresh fruity ones.

Which bubbles are the best for which occasion?

“Why do I drink champagne for breakfast? Doesn’t everyone?” –Noel Coward, English playwright and composer

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right.” –F. Scott Fitzgerald, American novelist
We explore the various Champagnes from the house of Autreau

This tasting contains one bottle of each of the following plus a closure so you can keep them for another day
Autréau Roualet Brut NV
Autréau 1er Cru Brut NV
Autréau Prestige ‘Les Perles de la Dhuy’ Grand Cru

The Champagne Selection case can be ordered below. Order now for a sparkling evening!

Champagne from Cave Autréau Champagne Champillon

We will taste a selection of Champagnes from the Autreau Domaine, including a non vintage Brut, a permier Cru and a Grand Cru.
What are the differences? How do we choose?

We are joined tonight by Andrew Steel who started his wine career in the Champagne region and followed it up by being the Bollinger representative here in the UK.

What is Methode Traditionelle and why does it differ from other sparkling wine production methods?
Which is better? Vintage or Non Vintage?
What makes a Blanc de Blancs different from a Cuvée

Join us to ask Andrew what you would like to know.

The event is finished.