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Netflix and Nibbles

Prime* and Popcorn / Disney* and Dorritos / HBO* and Hummous (*other services and branded snacks are available)

NetFlix and Nibbles

Whichever are your favourite snacks, they go better with a glass of wine, yes?

Do you have a sneaky bag of popcorn, or some bacon flavoured puffs whilst watching TV, a film or whilst binge watching the 4th series of a box set?

Cheesey footballs and Twiglets mixed with salted cashews, or posh cheese straws and pretzels?

The Spanish agree – hence the tradition of “tapas” with a glass of sherry or tinto, the Italianas have cicchetti… but whatever your secret nibble fancy, from chocolates to olives, tortilla chip and salsa, there is a wine to accompany it and bring out the flavour!

Join us for our Netflix* and Nibbles session (other services are available). Order the tasting case of wines which we have selected to match most salty snacks. Bring your own snack and challenge our food and wine matching guru as we taste the wines, and talk about why they are the most appropriate for the different snack options.

Netflix and Nibbles