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Bodegas Parxet

With a history stretching back almost a hundred years, Parxet is one of the most established and important wine producers in Spain.

The first bottles of cava Parxet were commercialized in 1920, created following the method champenoise in the grounds of Mas Parxet, a finca (farm) with winemaking roots stretching back to the 18th century.

The name ‘Parxet’ derives from the French “parchet”, which, according to the dictionary of the International Organization of Vine and Wine translates as a small area of vineyard. (‘Petit morceau de vignoble’.) The name applies just as much in the present day thanks to the smallholder nature of these vineyards. First gaining prominence in the heady days of ‘Noucentisme’ – a cultural and humanist movement started in Barcelona at the beginning of the 20th century – over the years Parxet has retained its links to the cosmopolitan and international aspects of Barcelona.

Located 20km from Barcelona, this wine region is unique due to its two microclimates: a humid warmer zone, and a colder inland area, which together allow for the creation of wines that are refreshing, deep and well balanced.

The terroir is sandstone typical to the region, that allows for easy drainage following the seasonal rainstorms, and also allows for an extensive root system, allowing the vines to withstand periods of drought.

Parxet cava is distinguished by its use of the local Pansa Blanca grape variety, and the coupage is completed by grapes produced in the Montargull finca, located in the town of Sant Sebastià del Gorgs, in the Penedés wine region.

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