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Domaine d'Hondrat

The “Domain d’Hondrat”, is a family-owned estate and is an integral part of the beautiful region “Occitanie”, at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, anchored in a rich and colourful territory.

It is in the heart of a building dating from the XIXth century that everything was introduced.

Vineyards surround this property and face the Bassin of Thau, very close to the city of Sète, where the vineyards where the sea breezes come across and they are swept by the Tramontana wind from the land.

In 1891, Basile VIGROUX introduced the story of the vineyards and the wine and his descendant is Romain VIGROUX, current Owner of the Domain.

Five generations of passionate Winemakers have shaped  the wines of “Domain d’Hondrat”

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