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Weingut Hoepler

In the wind, the hills of the Hopler vineyards gently fall towards Lake Neusiedl. They absorb the moisture from the air and \are warmed by the powerful rays of the sun. Shaped and nourished for centuries by the unique climate, this climate offers exceptionally favorable conditions for viticulture in its highest quality.

Shaped by history

The foundation stone for today’s vine culture on the Kirchberg was laid by the Cistercians of the Heiligenkreuz monastery. After King Emmerich gave them the land as a gift in 1203, the hardworking monks soon recognized the Kirchberg’s potential for viticulture. With knowledge, love and devotion, they transformed the barren swampy landscape into a true viticulture paradise.

A classic top-class terroir

Today the Kirchberg is one of the classic top terroirs in Burgenland and one of the top locations of the Höpler house. The grapes of Blaufränkisch, St. Laurent and Cabernet Sauvignon ripen on its slopes as well as those of Merlot and Syrah. In the mirror of Lake Neusiedl and accompanied by the mild Pannonian climate, the fruits develop their perfect ripeness with a perfectly varietal taste

Blessed by the climate and soil, the Hopler family carefully put the hand-picked, fully ripe grapes into the bottle, while preserving the originality of the natural product. State-of-the-art production techniques in the cellar  give the wines the ideal setting for their development. The computer-controlled recording and control of the respective development status is just as important as the gentle exploitation of the mash by the pulse-air system that works exclusively with air.

The climate and soil create the conditions, the careful use of technology helps the wine to develop. Seen in this way, the Hoplers use the advantages of two worlds to manufacture natural products of the highest quality.

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